Games like Elden Ring on the Switch

Games like Elden Ring on the Switch

While FromSoftware’s made some pretty great strides in getting its Souls series on the Switch, Elden Ring and every title like it just can’t run on it. But, as you can probably tell from how prolific the games are and their popularity, there are similar sorts of games there! The whole Soulslike genre exists because of the developer’s work. So, while that one game might not appear, there are a number of similar sorts of experiences to play.

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Dark Souls Remastered Switch Elden Ring

Games like Elden Ring on the Switch from FromSoftware.

If you want to stick with FromSoftware, which is a great idea as who else is going to do a Soulslike best, then you only get one option. Dark Souls Remastered is available on the Switch and is probably as close to an Elden Ring experience as you’ll get. Its normal price is $39.99, but it often goes on sale.

Games like Elden Ring on the Switch Breath of the Wild

Possible Games like Elden Ring on the Switch from Another Major Developer/Publisher

This might be a bit of a stretch, but perhaps give The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild a try? There aren’t the massive fights against memorable sorts of bosses, but the Ganon boss fights inside the Divine Beasts and in Hyrule Castle and more minor fights against the Hinox and Talus enemies can be challenging. It does offer the same sort of open world as Elden Ring, as well as a sense of purpose and drive to do things right. Plus, Link can use an array of different sorts of weapons in this entry, like axes, swords, hammers, and spears. It tends to cost $59.99, though you can sometimes get a physical copy for $39.99.

Mortal Shell Switch

Games like Elden Ring on the Switch from Indie Creators

Well first, there’s a really recent indie release on the Switch that might feel like Elden Ring in some ways. Mortal Shell showed up as part of the Inside the House of Indies 2022 Holiday Event that saw shadowdrops and announcements over the course of seven days. It is a soulslike that involves stepping into the bodies of dead warriors to use as your own as you face devastating monsters. The Switch version is a Complete Edition that costs $29.99.

Also, while it isn’t a 3D game and exactly like Elden Ring, Salt & Sanctuary is a Soulslike with a similar ambiance. It is a 2D affair with the same sort of aesthetic, multiple weapon types, dire circumstances abound, knowing when to dodge and counter can save your life, and enemies can be huge, intimidating foes. It normally costs $17.99.

While perhaps not as exact, you could also check out Hollow Knight and Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights. Those possess similar vibes, but with Metroidvania tendencies.

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