GameStop Closing all California Locations During Statewide Lockdown


GameStop has had a wild couple of days. The video game retailer, which has had an increasingly rough time before now, has seemed to really struggle with reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Things got really out of hand yesterday when an internal memo leaked, revealing GameStop leadership’s plan to stay open and claim “essential retail” status. Coverage went viral, and now GameStop appears to be cooperating more than planned. All locations have been closed in the state of California. [Thanks, Kotaku!]

This story comes from Kotaku, which got a hold of the latest GameStop company memo. The memos stated that all California stores are closing and will be closed until the California Governor’s Office communicates a change in the situation. Very few states have initiated a total shutdown like California has, so no further word has come from GameStop regarding other states like New York or Pennsylvania. However, Illinois will begin sheltering in place on March 20, 2020. For now, it seems like this is a fluid decision-making process.

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier  later updated its story, claiming multiple employees reached out to the outlet about the aftermath of these closings. Allegedly, GameStop instructed staff to use paid time off or file for unemployment, as wages won’t be paid otherwise.

GameStops that are still open have drastically reduced staff hours, indefinitely suspended trade-ins, and are allowing no more than ten people inside the store at once. GameStop has been updating its social media channels with information as it pertains to customers.

Lucas White
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