GameStop may rip you a new one!


I’ve heard plenty of cases where GameStop employees will steal reservation money you put down towards a given game or console and will make up the excuse "Sorry sir but we can’t find a copy of your reservation within our system" or something akin to that. It’s convenient, too, since GameStop now uses a new system were reservation receipts are out and your only proof is the receipt you get back. Now, of course, something else is about to happen!

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owned-cat_jpg.jpgJames Munn of Aeropause posted a blog on January 31, 2007 of his journey to GameStop and the events that ensued. In a nutshell, Munn asked for a new copy of Sid Meire’s Pirates for the PSP for $20 new. He then saw the sales associate take out a manual of the game and place it in a new case to which Munn replied "I said NEW". The clerk trembled with terror saying the game was new….just not sealed. Munn’s response was


""So if I walk out the door right now with that unsealed case then walk back in here next week with it in the same condition, you’ll give me full return credit as a new game? I mean, it IS new after all right!?""

His response makes a lot of sense, and I’m sure a lot of you who’ve bought new games at GameStop have asked yourself the same question when situations like this happens. Back when Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth was released for the PSP a while back, I was given a new case with the clerk pulling out the manual and the actual game from his cabinet. I didn’t make much of a deal back then because the game was new, but I never did wonder whether or not I’d get a full return on the game. After all, GameStop has this ridiculous policy where you can’t return a new game unless its sealed. Of course, even that policy is ridiculous because there are a ton of games that have so many problems with it you aren’t aware of it until you actually play the game yourself or learn about it from magazines or websites…after you’ve opened it of course.


Has this ever happened to you?

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