Ganbare Goemon 3 Fan Translation Gives Goemon & Friends Another Mystery to Solve


In addition Ganbare Goemon 2, which recently received an unofficial English localization, a fan translation patch for Ganbare Goemon 3: Shishi Jurokube no Manjigatame has been released.

The title adds in a fourth playable character, Yae, alongside the returning Goemon, Ebisumaru, and Sasuke. This time, ancient Japan is threatened when a time machine is stolen by a mysterious thief. During the chase, Goemon and the others end up in the future in Neo Edo. It turns out that that the ruler of Neo Edo, Jurokube Shishi, is behind the theft, and Goemon and the others must stop Jurokube’s plans at all costs.

Gameplay-wise, this game drops the world map screen of Ganbare Goemon 2, instead featuring a top-down overworld that transitions into side-scrolling platforming stages. You’re also able to change characters at the press of a button, and this is required in order to proceed. There are also mecha stages, during which you pilot the giant Goemon Impact mech to fight enemies.

Like the other games, Ganbare Goemon also features two-player mode, where another player can join in on the fun at the same time. The game features puzzle elements as its main focus. As a result, the game doesn’t feature time limits on stages anymore.

Check out some screenshots below:

There are two translation patches for the game at The second one changes one word

Ganbare Goemon 3 originally appeared on Super Famicom.

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