Gardenarium Is A Psychedelic Trip To A Cloud In The Sky



KO-OP Mode has released a new trailer and put up a website for Gardenarium. It’s described as a “chill adventure taking place on a cloud in the sky.”


You land on this strange place with a job to do. That is, to collect trash so that the ecology is restored to its former beauty. And what a sight it is. Curling violet grass, hypnotic blooms on polychromatic flowers, and trees that leaves seem to ooze with pale greens and yellows.


There are also some estranged characters to meet as you explore the land and who will talk to you, ask questions, or maybe just stare at you as you work. All of this is the work of artist Paloma Dawkins whose website you should certainly check out.


Gardenarium is due to arrive on Windows, Mac, and Linux some time in March.

Chris Priestman