Garrison: Archangel Takes Customizable Mecha Into 4-Player 3D Combat

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Up to four players can customize their own mecha with weapons, parts, and color schemes, taking their battle machines into the fray against one another in Garrison: Archangel’s 3D combat.


Garrison: Archangel seeks to let players create their own custom fighters with its array of parts and weapons. Many different aspects of each mecha can be swapped out for differing parts that can change offensive styles to allow several different types of play. Whether the player prefers to get up close with a huge sword or pepper foes with dozens of rockets (and all with a hot-pink paint job), those options are open to them.

Once players have their mecha customized to their liking, they can battle either one on one, or in four player matches, to see whose machine is the best. However, they won’t just have each other to contend with, as each of the varied arenas features traps and hazards to avoid, and that smart players can trick their foes into.


Garrison: Archangel currently only offers local matches, but an online mode is in the works, as are new match types, parts, weapons, and maps for players to battle in. A card game is also planned to launch alongside the full version of this game.

A demo is available for Garrison: Archangel through, and its developers are currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight.

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