Garrison: Archangel’s Weapon Options Make For Surprising Multiplayer Matches


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Garrison: Archangel’s mecha combat allows up to four players to duke it out on- or offline, and with many different weapon options available for its customizable machines, it makes for varied, surprising matches.


Garrison: Archangel offers deep mecha customization to its players, allowing them to choose frames and various body part components to fine tune the exact mecha they wish to use. Once they have a body selected and colored exactly as they want it, they can choose from various firearms and melee weapons, using colossal swords, rocket launchers, or combinations of the two to create a combat style that best suits them.

With up to four players battling online or locally, each with their own customized mecha, it can make for some hectic matches where players will need to be ready for anything. Not only this, but they can battle in trap-filled arenas that add further danger to the match (or more traditional battlegrounds).


Players can choose from several different match types to further customize the combat. Whether by setting up teams, survival games between the players, mixing in AI opponents, or setting up duels, there is a variety of battle types available once players have created their chosen mecha.

Garrison: Archangel is available now on Steam Early Access, with the developers intending to add new weapons, attachments, and match types as development continues.

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