Gate of Nightmares Gameplay Video Showcases Combat

Gate of Nightmares Combat Gameplay

Square Enix released a new gameplay video for Gate of Nightmares, with this new footage focusing on combat. Combat in this new mobile title is action focused and entirely in 3D. Additionally, players will bring Nightmares into combat to help them take down any foes that stand in their path. The gameplay video elaborated on other features as well, including a Nightmare fusion system. [Thanks, Gamer!]

As mentioned previously, Gate of Nightmares will feature a fully 3D combat system that is action based. Users can tap on various buttons to perform different skills and actions. Each of these actions will vary depending on the Nightmare the player has equipped. Additionally, each character will have their own special skill.

You can watch the gameplay video for Gate of Nightmares below.

Gate of Nightmares will also feature a Nightmare fusion system. Players can fuse Nightmares they have already obtained to make entirely new ones. The footage goes into this very briefly, showing a combination players can use to obtain a new Nightmare.

Currently, Square Enix has applications open for consumers to test a trial version of Gate of Nightmares. However, applicants must be based inside of Japan.

Gate of Nightmares is currently in development for Android and iOS, with a trial period beginning on July 1, 2021 in Japan.

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