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“Genealogical Rogue-Lite” Rogue Legacy Will Be Trying To Conquer Xbox One Soon



Cellar Door Games is bringing its action-platformer Rogue Legacy to Xbox One on May 27th. It’ll cost $14.99 and will be 20 percent off between May 27th and June 1st.


Never heard of it? Shame. Rogue Legacy has already cooked up a storm of positive reception on PC and PlayStation platforms, so it’s probably worth giving it a poke. What’s special about it is its “genealogical Rogue-lite” design.


It works like this: you play as a warrior who charges into a procedurally generated castle to try to defeat its bosses and take it over in your family’s name. You will die. It’s practically guaranteed. But this is fine – it’s all part of the game. Upon death, that character is really dead, like, forever.

You then play as one of their children, the next in line, but they’ll have different traits to their parent. These traits vary greatly, including: dwarfism, color blindness, ADHD, dementia, near-sightedness, homosexuality, and vertigo. There are plenty more, and each time you die you roll a new child who will have a completely different set of these traits. With a few exceptions (such as homosexuality) each of these traits affect how you play with that character, as they may have a bigger hit box, unable to jump as high, or you might not be able to see the full screen.


And that’s how the game goes. Over time you’re able to use the gold the family collects to build up the skill tree and unlock new abilities that give you advantages. Other than that, you’ll have to face the bullet hellish challenges in each screen by yourself.

Chris Priestman