Generation 2 Pokémon Data Discovered In Pokémon GO’s Latest Update



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Data miners from The Silph Road recently discovered that Pokémon Go’s latest update has a little extra, with data showing 100 new Pokémon along with a “Transform” move found in the update as well. [Thanks, Nintendo Life.]


Here’s a list of info found in the latest patch from the data miners:


One New Move Has Been Added to the Game:

  • It is a quick move (as opposed to a charge/special move).
  • Transform now appears both in the GAME_MASTER file with its own animation sequence (as all moves have) and the APK code itself, as the only new move addition yet since the game launched


100 New Pokémon Are Now Referenced in the Game’s Code:

  • Pokedex #152 (Chikorita) to #251 Celebi
  • Moveset data has not appeared for the 100 new species, but a server-side update may be all that is needed for them to begin appearing in-game


52 New Pokémon Families Now Appear:

  • Again from Chikorita to Celebi
  • Includes Ho-Oh and Lugia, etc.


You can check out more from their latest discovery here.


Pokémon GO is available on iOS and Android.

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