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Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates Gets A New Trailer, Details Character “Chest Growth” And More



Compile Heart has updated the official website for Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates, their upcoming PS Vita RPG that will have you explore the seas and expand the chests of its characters.


The above video shows us various gameplay elements from the game. We’ll cover its latest features in the details below:



Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates depicts the dungeons, characters, monsters all in 3D. By riding on Otton, you’ll be able to reach areas you can’t go to on your own.

dungeon2 dungeon3

Dungeons have treasure chests and gathering areas scattered about, so you’ll be able to find all kinds of items by taking on dungeons.


battle1 battle2

The battle system consists of parties of four and is a command-based system. The character turns are decided when the fights style and they’ll be able to act accordingly. Their orders are shown on the bottom of the screen.



In Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates the characters will grow along with their chests as part of the “Pai-Growth” system. It’s a system that lets you use the touch functions together with “Pai-Growth Extract” to touch and rub their chests and have it change in size and softness. You can choose to make them get larger or smaller breasts in order to power them up.


The Pai-Growth system is used to increase character stats, learn new skills, and change the chest parameters.



The chest parameter not only changes the way their chests look but it also affects stat bonuses. The above is what it looks like to increase a chest in size. You can change the following chest parameter stats: size, height, upswing, spread, softness, and firmness.



Here’s a little guide on how you’ll perform chest parameter actions in order to help out the girls:


  • Poke: Tap
  • Rub: Drag in circular motions on the screen
  • Spank: Flick
  • Pull: Drag in any direction
  • Grab: Pinch in
  • Smother: Pinch out



There’s also a “View Mode” that lets you check out the updated chests. Not only can you check out its new shape, but you can also check out its “bounciness.”


Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates will release in Japan on August 4, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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