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Genshin Impact Animation Focuses on Mondstadt

genshin impact mondstadt animation

Though the official ufotable Genshin Impact anime is still off in the distant future, HoYoVerse has released an animation about Mondstadt in cooperation with Sun Creature Studio. It is likely the first in a new series, with videos about other regions such as Liyue appearing in the future. Titled “Scenery and Sentiment: Mondstadt Edition”, the video is a two-minute long animation that focuses on the natural surroundings of the Mondstadt region. Aside from locales, there are plenty of Easter eggs such as local specialties and NPCs.

Genshin Impact players should be extremely familiar with Mondstadt at this point. It is the first nation you explore, after all. It is also the setting of the game’s first major story part. There have been multiple events centering around Mondstadt as well, such as the recent “Of Ballads and Brew” event and last year’s Windblume Festival. The “Of Ballads and Brew” event in Mondstadt very recently ended, which means players who missed it also missed the chance to obtain the Missive Windspear.

You can watch the “Scenery and Sentiment: Mondstadt Edition” video below.

Sun Creature Studio animated this video, rather than ufotable. It is an animation studio and production company in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Bordeaux. Previous projects include Flee (in collaboration with Final Cut for Real) and some advertisements for Travel Oregon.

Genshin Impact is currently in Version 3.1, with Albedo and Nilou as the banner 5-star characters. You can play for free on PS4, PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices.

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