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Genshin Impact Gorou Will Work as a Geo Specific Support

Genshin Impact Gorou

With the new Genshin Impact banner fast approaching, miHoYo released some more information on the new 4-star, Gorou, who will debut soon. Gorou is a Geo archer whose skills make him a great support character for a Geo-oriented party. Tasuku Hatanaka (SK8 the Infinity) provides his Japanese voice and Cory Yee (D.P.) is his English voice actor.

miHoYo also released a short character demo video showing off some of Gorou’s battle animations. It also emphasizes his fluffy tail and pointy ears. Unlike other character demo videos, where the character is alone, the Geo Traveler plays an important role in Gorou’s character demo. This is likely to show off how he benefits Geo characters with his abilities.

Both Gorou’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst are very similar. They generate a field that deals AoE Geo DMG, as well as provides buffs to your active character. The buffs depend on how many Geo characters there are in your party. At its most basic (one Geo character), you only get a DEF bonus. At its maximum (three Geo characters), you get Geo DMG Bonus. While his Burst does virtually the same thing, it also has the side effect of dealing AoE Geo DMG to an enemy once every 1.5 seconds, as well as pulls an elemental shard within the AoE to your active character.

Genshin Impact is readily available on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and mobile devices. Gorou will appear alongside Itto in Genshin Impact from December 14, 2021. Other characters who will have a rate-up are Barbara and Xiangling.

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