Genshin Impact Character Design Survey

Genshin Impact Launches Character Design Survey

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Gathering feedback is an important part of game development, and Genshin Impact developer miHoYo isn’t shy about asking players what they think. In fact, they do so on the regular, launching in-game surveys for everything from players’ opinions on recent events to thoughts on the current game balance. Now they want to know what players think about the game’s character designs through the Genshin Impact character design survey.

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Named the “Game Character Aesthetic Preferences Survey,” the character design survey launched with the May 7, 2021 daily reset. You can find it in-game from the Mailbox tab, via a message from Paimon:Genshin Impact Character Design Survey

The survey then asks players about a random assortment of the game’s current 32 character roster, such as who they’ve been using frequently, or what they look for when building up a character, such as aesthetic, personality, or ability design:Genshin Survey

The character design survey also asks players to rate a random sampling of the game’s characters, based solely on their appearance. It then invites them to be specific, writing about their favorite elements of their faves’ designs in a text field:Genshin Character Design

Other questions in the survey poll players on their preferences in character design more generally. Options include whether or not a design is “close to reality,” fits the character’s identity and personality, or is original. The questions even ask if a character’s design should line up with others from the same faction or contain “regional cultural elements.”

The Genshin Impact character design survey is live in-game on Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC. miHoYo also launched an interactive map feature to help players navigate the world of Tevyat.

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