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Genshin Impact Record of Reflective Writing Guide

Record of Reflective Writing is a new limited-time event in Genshin Impact, taking place June 18-24, 2024. The event has players collecting coins to gain as many points as possible. However, it is up to the player to be careful of all the obstacles being thrown their way.

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How do I start Record of Reflective Writing in Genshin Impact?

You can trigger the Reflective Writing Guide event by going to Mondstadt and talking to Souka. If you click on the event menu, the game will lead you there. She’s right in the middle of town. I took a screenshot, so you can see her in her kimono and the table of books that she is standing in front of in the square.

After speaking with Souka, you’ll be able to play through the event stages by returning to the Events Overview menu and clicking on the Event Details button or speaking to her again.

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How does Record of Reflective Writing work?

Record of Reflectve Writing is a limited-time event that involves players collecting coins while going through the challenge stage. While you’re collecting coins, you’ll also have to avoid various obstacles, which will decrease your HP, indicated by green hearts at the bottom of the screen. The most common kind of obstacle is the bullet barrage, which takes the form of orange balls of energy.

Obstacles will increase or decrease based on how many coins you have collected and how quickly you have collected them. If your HP gets depleted by obstacles, the amount of obtsacles you face will be reset and you will become temporarily invulnerable.

Wicked Warlocks may also appear while you’re playing. Wicked Warlocks are destructible objects which take the form of Abyss Mage dummies. You can gain coins by destroying them.

The game will give you a trial character you could use for every stage. You’ll be able to use that character’s Elemental Burst and a special ability called the Adventure Technique. The Adventure Technique turns all bullet barrages into coins, but can only be used three times per stage. It also increases your movement speed, reduces stamina consumption, and attacks Wicker Warlocks.

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How do I beat Record of Reflective Writing?

Record of Reflective writing is a pretty simple game that doesn’t require a lot of effort to win. From what I see, as long as you focus on getting as many coins as you can, you’ll do fine.

However, I do have a few tips for certain situations. The easiest way to defeat Wicker Warlocks is by using your Elemental Burst on them. Bullet barrages are pretty easy to avoid if you keep an eye on them. Most of them will have gaps in their firing line that you can just run through.

Finally, the best time to use your Adventure Technique is when there is a huge wave of bullet barrages on the game stage. This will turn them all into coins, which will grant you a massive amount of points when collected.

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What are the Record of Reflective Writing rewards in Genshin Impact?

Record of Reflective Writing grants the following items as rewards:

Genshin Impact is available for the PS4, PS5, PC, and mobile devices, and Record of Reflexive Writing runs June 18-24, 2024.

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