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Genshin Impact Talent Level-Up Materials Will Be Easier to Get with Overflowing Mastery Soon

Genshin Impact Talent Level-Up Materials Will Be Easier to Get with Overflowing Mastery Soon

While waiting for the 2.7 update, Genshin Impact players will get a chance to stock up on Talent Level-Up materials. A returning event is on the way. Beginning on May 22, 2022, Overflowing Mastery will return in Genshin Impact.

Like Leyline Overflow, Overflowing Mastery showed up in Genshin Impact many times before. Each instance functions similarly. People can head to the Forsaken Rift, Taishan Mansion, and Violet Court domains to acquire twice as many Talent Level-Up materials as usual. However, only using Original Resin will give you the extra items. Condensed Resin won’t trigger the bonus.

As a reminder, there are different Talent Level-Up Materials available in each Genshin Impact domain, depending on the day. Forsaken Rift can offer the Ballad, Freedom, and Resistance Talent books. People who head to Taishan Mansion might find the Diligence, Gold, and Prosperity ones. Finally, Violet Court can offer Elegance, Light, and Transience items. These Talent books can be combined with boss drops and enemy drops to improve each playable character’s Combat Talents and make them stronger.

Genshin Impact is available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and mobile devices. A Nintendo Switch version is in development. The Genshin Impact Overflowing Mastery event will run May 22-29, 2022.

Jenni Lada
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