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Genshin Impact TCG Heated Battle Mode Event Begins Soon

genshin impact heated battle tcg

Cyno visited the Mondstadt at the right time for the Windblume Festival, as a Genius Invokation TCG event will start soon in Genshin Impact. Genius Invokation TCG Heated Battle Mode: The Profound Purpose of Practice will run from March 11-20, 2023. You will need to first finish Prologue: Act III and the Genius Invokation TCG World Quest in order to participate.

Unlike usual events, Heated Battle Mode will not offer rewards like Primogems or Mora. You will instead get Lucky Coins. Lucky Coins are a new currency in Genshin Impact that you can use to purchase new cards or skins for your Genius Invokation deck. As for the actual meat of the event, you simply need to go to The Cat’s Tail in Mondstadt and access Heated Battle Mode from the Invitation Board.

Heated Battle Mode has a special rule in which the first Action Card every round will cost less dice. The first Skill or Equipped Talent each round will also cost one less dice. This means that, true to its name, each game will feel more heated as players can make more of each turn. It seems that Genius Invokation-related events in Genshin Impact will introduce new modes such as this for a limited time.

Genshin Impact is readily available on the PS4, PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices. The Heated Battle Mode for Genius Invokation TCG will launch in Genshin Impact from March 11 and will last until March 20, 2023.

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