Geo Characters are Getting Their Moment in Genshin Impact

All Genshin Impact elements are viable in their own way. Whether someone is trying to maximize their damage or build around reactions they find fun. Now that the game is a year old, it is at a point where there’s a lot of diversity. However in the last few months, one element in particular is getting a lot of attention. It feels like the Genshin Impact Geo characters are getting a chance to grow.

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When Genshin Impact launched, Geo characters weren’t exactly in the most desirable position. Noelle, if built correctly, can be helpful! People also are guaranteed her in the first 10 wishes on the Beginners’ Wish banner. Most other elements had at least three characters available shortly after launch. Geo only had two around launch. Both of them, Ningguang and Noelle, were four-stars. The Traveler, who gets access to Geo as one of their second elemental option, appeared as the only five-star. And while all three can be built well, they might not as clearly appealed to the element’s strengths. Both Ningguang and Noelle, while offering buffs, are also primary DPS sorts of characters. When Albedo and Zhongli appeared, that began to shift. Zhongli’s Jade Shield and Steeles and Albedo’s shields spawned by Transient Blossoms really made shields more appealing. (Especially when Zhongli also got his own Artifact set, Tenacity of the Millelith.)

Geo Characters are Getting Their Moment in Genshin Impact Albedo

Ever since 2.3, their viability’s only increased. Albedo’s return is particularly notable. Part of the “Shadows Amidst Snowstorms” event involved earning the four-star Cinnabar Spindle. This sword, which increases Elemental Skill damage by defense and has defense as the secondary stat, is arguably the best sword in the game for him. He also returned right as Husk of Opulent Dreams, an Artifact set focused on increasing defense and rewarding characters for Geo attacks, appeared. So right away, we see a five-star Geo character returning alongside good equipment you can get through effort. (Albeit the sword was a limited-time item.)

It also helps that there’s a sudden wealth of additional Geo characters available in Genshin Impact. When Albedo appeared in 2.3, he was joined by new Inazuma characters Gorou and Itto. Both of them are of the same element. The latter being the second claymore wielder for it, albeit at a five-star level. The former marking the first archer for Geo and at a four-star rarity. Not to mention in 2.4, they’ll be joined by Yun Jin, a four-star polearm users people will be able to get at any time. (Or perhaps for free via the 2022 Lantern Rite.) Zhongli, one of the most in-demand Geo units due to his tank nature, will be back in 2.4 as well. One could even argue that Ningguang might become more appealing to players, due to a free bonus costume being available in the 2.4 Lantern Rite. At this very moment, every weapon type and potential role is represented in-game.

Geo Characters are Getting Their Moment in Genshin Impact Itto

Not to mention parties with Geo characters are more versatile as of 2.3 and 2.4. Prior to the update, people might have gone with one or two in a party. Someone might have only included Noelle or Zhongli for their shields, as well as for Noelle’s healing, rather than think about resonance. But with people like Gorou and Itto, we see people rewarded for having three or four members have Geo as their element. Gorou, because both his Elemental Skill and Burst reward addition buffs depending on if one, two, or three allies are Geo units. Itto, because at two unlocked Constellation nodes, his Elemental Burst will get additional Energy and a reduced cooldown.

It all comes down to options for Genshin Impact players. In the year since launch, we’ve gone from one possible five-star Geo character and three weapon types represented. Now, people can pick from multiple four and five-star units, each weapon type, multiple sorts of roles, and have a party with one, two, three, or four Geo folks be viable. It’s very encouraging.

Genshin Impact is available for the PS4, PS5, PC, and mobile devices. It will also come to the Nintendo Switch.

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