Geodude To Rollout As Tourism Ambassador Of Japan’s Iwate Prefecture


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Japan’s Iwate Prefecture announced today that they are partnering up with The Pokémon Company to have the Rock Pokémon Geodude be their tourism ambassador.


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The reason behind choosing Geodude of all Pokémon is due to Iwate’s kanji, which taken individually means ‘Rock’ and ‘Hand’. With Geodude’s basic design of literally being a rock with arms, it’s a perfect fit for the prefecture.


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Of course, there’s the problem of the fact that Geodude just floats in order to move around, which isn’t really feasible for a tourism mascot. So The Pokémon Company have devised a way around this by having the legs be checkered in grey and white, like how transparent areas are displayed in programs like Photoshop.


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Here’s Geodude beside the official Iwate mascot, Wanko (based off Iwate’s famous Wanko Soba noodles).


Update: Here’s Geodude’s official theme song below:

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