Get a Closer Look at MegaHouse’s Bleach Rangiku Figure

MegaHouse G.E.M. Series Bleach Rangiku Matsumoto figure

MegaHouse is holding a MegaHobby Plus event online to show off its upcoming figures. Among the announcements was an update on one of its Bleach designs announced back in March 2021. People can now get a better look at the G.E.M. Series Bleach Rangiku Matsumoto painted figure.

Rangiku is wearing her traditional Soul Reaper (Shinigami) attire. She is also wielding her Haineko Zanpakuto and is in the midst of using her Neko Rinbu Shikai. The figure will stand at almost nine and a half inches tall.

Here’s an even closer look at the MegaHouse Bleach G.E.M. Series Rangiku painted figure. The video first looks at the full figurine from all sides. Then, it zooms in to focus more on her face and offers a 360 degree view again.

Rangiku isn’t the only heroine from the series with a MegaHouse figure. The company has a Bleach GALS Series Orihime figure in the works too. That one also still is in development. However, back in July 2021 the company shared a look at its painted prototype.

The MegaHouse Bleach G.E.M. Series Rangiku Matsumoto figure will launch in June 2022. Pre-orders aren’t open yet. A special one-shot set after the main series appeared in August 2021, and a new anime adaptation is on the way.

Jenni Lada
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