Get a First Look at the New Hatsune Miku My Little Pony Figure

Hatsune Miku My Little Pony

Kotobukiya has revealed new images of a work-in-progress sculpt of the upcoming Hatsune Miku My Little Pony collaboration figure. Additionally, the company announced that further information about the figure would release during its online event on August 29, 2021.

As part of the Bishoujo line of figures, the Hatsune Miku figure was announced earlier this year. Similar to past My Little Pony Bishoujo figures, it will feature a bishoujo-style Hatsune Miku alongside a smaller pony-fied version of the Vocaloid singer. While the announcement also featured illustrations by Shunya Yamashita, this is the first time fans get to see photos of the actual figure currently in development.

Like the illustration it’s based on, the figure features Miku with her signature twin tails and uniform. Next to Miku is a pony with similar twin tails and necktie riding on a music-themed stand. Furthermore, it looks like purchasers can display the pony figure separate from the Miku figure.

You can get a better look at the Hatsune Miku My Little Pony figure below:

Kotobukiya plans to announce more information about the figure during the Kotobukiya Collection Online 2021 Livestream event on August 29, 2021. A special website is also planned to go live on the same day.

There is currently no confirmed release date or price for the Hatsune MikuĀ My Little Pony bishoujo figure.

Andrew Kiya
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