Get A Look At An Origami Take On Feudal Japan In Upside-Down Dimensions, Now On Kickstarter


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Hydra Interactive Entertainment has taken its vibrant action-adventure game Upside-Down Dimensions to Kickstarter to raise $75,000 so its team can work on it full-time and get it finished by 2016.


It has a feudal Japan setting and is made to look like it’s all constructed out of paper craft in origami shapes. Its plot concerns a Dark Shogun who is after magical items to resurrect an ancient army that, collectively, these three items lock away – you have to prevent him from doing so.


Pleasing looks aside, Upside-Down Dimensions takes place across two worlds that you switch between. In one, you play as a warrior who hacks ‘n’ slashes through origami soldiers. While the other has you playing as a princess and focusing on solving puzzles. These worlds are connected so as you solve problems in one world you may create more in the opposite world.



The origami aesthetic does have mechanical use too as you collect origami objects that help you move through the adventure. An origami ship can be blown up so that you can ride it across a river, for instance. Other origami may help you fight hordes of enemies at a time. There are also stealth sections these may assist with too.


You can get a PC version of Upside-Down Dimensions for $15 on the game’s Kickstarter. Hydra Interactive says that if the base funding goal can be reached then it will add stretch goals for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Wii U versions. Stretch goals could also add more levels, more mystical and legendary creatures, a deeper combat system, cross-play  and a co-op multiplayer option.

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