Get A Look At One South Korean Studio’s Baffling RPG About Investigating Paranormal Activity



South Korean developer Neostream unveiled its upcoming 3D action adventure RPG Little Devil Inside with a trailer and a Steam Greenlight page. It’s also up on Kickstarter where its team is seeking $250,000 in funding to finish it off after two years of work. It’s a game that comes delivered with the phrase “we want to provide as many ways as possible to skin a cat!” Which gives you some insight into its odd charm.


Little Devil Inside takes place inside a strange world in which humans, monsters, and other peculiar creatures all live their own lives, sometimes getting along, other times conflicting. Within this, you follow a college professor who sets out to investigate paranormal activity, but there’s no set destination.


The main shtick of the game, then, is exploring the possibilities within this world and surviving everything it throws at you, whether it be an angry dragon or a kraken in the middle of the sea. There will be a main plot and a mission-based system but Neostream have emphasized that it is not the limits of the experience, with the story truly being molded by your whims and the hidden events for you to trigger.



In the trailer, two characters are shown trailing across the world by train, dune buggy, boat, and on foot – you can earn and buy new vehicles, upgrade your sword and rifle, and obtain new armor. The two characters encounter a number of different creatures and environs in their travels, including cities, forests, mountains, and deserts. Along your own journey, you’ll apparently meet new characters, hire assistants, camp overnight, and meet other players meaning that there is some kind of multiplayer functionality too.


There’s obviously a lot going on in Little Devil Inside and Neostream hasn’t really spoke much about the smaller details of the experience. However, given its appealing presentation and promise, it’s worth keeping an eye on.  If you want to get an early copy you can do so by pledging a minimum of $30 to the Kickstarter.

Chris Priestman