Get A Look At The Different Types Of Wild Monsters In Dragomon Hunter


Aeria Games has released a new Dragomon Hunter trailer that showcases the variety of the game’s monsters that you’ll be fighting and, perhaps, taming (thanks MMO Culture).


There are over 100 monsters in the game but Aeria Games has picked out four that you can see in the trailer to highlight. You can see their descriptions below picture that reveals which ones they are.


Darkslate Reptilion: a tough Beastomon protected by plate-like scales and sharp spines. When attacked, it swipes its massive tail to ward off all foes in range.


Toxroach: an Insectomon with huge, gossamer-thin wings. Despite their agility, these wings pack a punch, so keep some distance.


Fungal Croaker: a Hydromon which bears a colorful mushroom on its back. But that’s not all – it has a serious bite, so keep away from its jaws.


Dracofowl: a Drakemon in the Viridian Forest, with ravishing plumage and a sparkling ruby on its head to dazzle its foes.

Chris Priestman