Get A Rare Look At WaterMelon’s Role-Playing Beat ‘Em Up For Sega Genesis



WaterMelon has released a quick video that shows its role-playing beat ‘em up (RPB) “Project Y” in action for the first time.


As WaterMelon told Siliconera before, “Project Y” is a “beat ‘em up with story elements that is set on a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk environment. It’s built with heavy influence from Streets of Rage and Final Fight.”



More is revealed on the game’s website: “The last survivors of the nuclear war are divided into several classes, where the most powerful have the others by the balls. This has divided the governing bodies into several fractions, where ethnic mafias and a corrupt corporation are just a few of them!”


It will contain many story scenarios and seeing everything the game has to offer will take several playthroughs. In fact, “Project Y” will be so large that it will have to ship on a 40 megabits cartridge. That will make it the second biggest Sega Genesis game ever, with it only being outdone by WaterMelon’s own 16-bit RPG Pier Solar and the Great Architects.

Chris Priestman