Get Fashionable With These Famicom Earphones And Controller-Mic

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Are you fashionable? And by fashionable, we mean, do you have no problems dressing up in vintage gaming gear? If so, Datel’s got something coming up that could fit right in with your nifty keen gamer t shirts—a replica Japanese Famicom earphone and in-line mic set called the Retro 2 Con(troller) Earphone Mic.


The earphones are in-ear buds with the dull crimson and gold design the original Famicom controllers once came in, and have an in-line mic that mimics the in-built microphone the Japanese Famicom second controller had. The mic never made it Stateside however, and (surprising now) also didn’t have a start or select button due to space constraints.


Digging through Wikipedia, even I didn’t know that the microphone could have been used to kill some enemies in the Legend of Zelda. Nintendo was long ago ahead of its time with tech, something it proved later on with the Nintendo DS as well.


The earphone set will also come with a retractable cable extender also in the same crimson-and-gold fittings which will helpfully allow you to extend the cords from 55cm to 120(!!)cm. If you’re interested in the Retro 2 Con Earphone Mic, you can camp this Amazon link now.


Credits: Gizmodo Japan

Photo Credit: PC World

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