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Get Ready For “Some Kind Of Announcement In The Coming Days” For Dragon Quest XI



The Dragon Quest-themed attraction at Universal Studios Japan, called Dragon Quest: The Real, just opened today in Japan and series creator Yuji Horii shared a message during its opening ceremony. [Thanks, L Maga.]





Similar to other “The Real” attractions, guests get to team up in a dungeon crawl-style attraction that features battles and even job classes for the players such as “Warrior” and “Mage.”



Speaking to the 200 fans in attendance of the opening ceremony, Yuji Horii said “The world that I’ve seen in my dreams is there, just before my eyes. Life is role-playing. So go out there, and do your best as the protagonist!”


He also talked about Dragon Quest XI at the event, where he said “Everyone in the staff is working incredibly hard on it. I believe we’ll have some kind of announcement in the coming days, so please look forward to it.”


Now, let’s go back a little over a year. While talking about the series’30th anniversary, Horii said that they hope to see the release of Dragon Quest XI sometime within the series’ 30th anniversary.


Considering the 30th anniversary year started on May 27 last year when Dragon Quest Heroes II released in Japan, they pretty much have until May 27 of this year for that to happen.


Of course they can always delay it by a few months, but with the release window that Horii-san was aiming for getting closer and closer, we can expect this announcement to have something to do with the game’s release date, which has been a 2017 release window for Japan for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS.


Dragon Quest XI is also in development for Nintendo Switch.

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