Meet Aqours! Celebrate The New Group In Love Live! School Idol Festival



    The Love Live! Sunshine!! anime series has kicked off by introducing a brand new group of girls called Aqours. Their name comes from a combination of the words “Aqua” and “ours.” Just like the idol group μ’s (pronounced Muse), the members of Aqours are hitting the stage in the Love Live! School Idol Festival mobile game.


    Get to know a little bit about these new girls, and take note of each idol’s birthday. Celebrate each member of Aqours with 5 Loveca Stones (Love Gems in the English version) as a free gift just for logging in on their special days throughout the year.



    Chika - Love Live SIF Chika Takami
    Birthday: August 1
    She’s the second-year who founded Aqours. Chika’s positivity is infectious, and she’s got a seemingly endless supply of energy.



    Riko - Love Live SIF Riko Sakurauchi
    Birthday: September 19
    She is a second-year transfer student from Akihabara. Riko’s worries and assumptions tend to snowball and sometimes get her into trouble.


    Ruby - Love Live SIF Ruby Kurosawa

    Birthday: September 21
    She’s a first-year student and Dia’s younger sister. Ruby’s a bit of a crybaby, and doesn’t know the first thing about boys, but her needlework is on point.


    Dia - Love Live SIF Dia Kurosawa
    Birthday: January 1 She’s the third-year student council president who didn’t want an idol group to be formed in the first place. But, now that Dia’s joined the club, winning is her priority.



    Kanan - Love Live SIF Kanan Matsuura
    Birthday: February 10
    She’s a third-year student who is calm, cool, and collected. Kanan’s childhood relationship with Chika makes things interesting whenever the group gets together.


    Hanamaru - Love Live SIF Hanamaru Kunikida
    Birthday: March 4
    A first-year with a stellar voice, but she’s not the type to brag about it. Hanamaru spends her free time at the temple or reading, and she is gentle and kind to all.


    You - Love Live SIF You Watanabe
    Birthday: April 17
    She’s an athletic second-year with a passion for the high dive. You’s training regimen includes lifting weights and running. One day she hopes to become captain of a ferry just like her dad.


    Mari - Love Live SIF Mari Ohara
    Birthday: June 13
    She’s a third-year student who isn’t so sure about being an idol. Mari would rather go horseback riding or rock out to industrial metal.


    Yoshiko - Love Live SIF Yoshiko Tsushima
    Birthday: July 13
    She’s a first-year who goes by “Yohane, the fallen angel”. Yoshiko is plagued by bad luck and obsessed with “little devil” fashion.





    Fans of Muse, don’t fret; the game is still rewarding players for logging in on their birthdays, too. If you don’t have Muse members’ birthdays on your calendar yet, here are their special dates for reference.

    • August 3: Honoka Kosaka
    • September 12: Kotori Minami
    • October 21: Eli Ayase
    • November 1: Rin Hoshizora
    • January 17: Hanayo Koizumi
    • March 15: Umi Sonoda
    • April 19: Maki Nishikino
    • June 9: Nozomi Toujou
    • July 22: Nico Yazawa