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Get Your Miis To Play, Fight And Fall In Love In Tomodachi Collection


You might’ve wondered exactly Tomodachi Collection is and what you can do in it. Nintendo have opened a new website for Tomodachi Collection: New Life, that shows what the game is about and what you can expect to see from the many Mii characters living in it.


Tomodachi Collection is a communication game about the lives of your Mii and their friends. They all live happily on an island under the roof of the same apartment building. What makes it interesting is seeing how your Mii interacts with others, according to their personality types.


The Mii can be made through Tomodachi Collection: New Life or they can be transferred directly from your 3DS (or from the DS version of Tomodachi Collection via a Mii moving software available through eShop). You can also acquire a friend’s Mii from wireless connection or by using their QR code to be part of your apartment.


Once you have the physical appearance of your Mii down, the next step is inputting various traits such as speech, accent, thought and action patterns. Once that is completed, it will determine your Mii’s personality.


Depending on your Mii’s personality type, they will interact with others differently. They can become friends or quarrel among each other, as they spend their time living together.


The friendly Mii characters in the apartment will occasionally invite you over to play mini-games such as a quiz game, giving you a chance to win items. Other times, they’ll be troubled and you’ll have to help them out.


After a Mii has spent enough quality time with a suitable partner, they can even fall in love. However, their chances of ending up with the potential partner will be up to you and how you help them out.


If everything works out, the Mii will fall in love and eventually propose to their partner, followed by marriage and starting a small family of happy Miis!


Tomodachi Collection: New Life is slated to be released on April 18th, 2013 for Nintendo 3DS.

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