Getting Better Acquainted With Nitroplus Blasterz’ Super Sonico, Ethika, and Al Azif

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Nitroplus’ Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel has quite a few unfamiliar faces in it. Most of the cast come from various visual novels released by the company and, given the adult nature of some of them, people might not know who’s participating in this fight.

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 nitroplus sonico

While she’s one of the most recognizable characters in Nitroplus Blasterz, Super Sonic might be a little unfamiliar to people overseas. We haven’t had the same exposure, due to none of her games officially reaching our shores just yet. (This will change with JAST’s localization of SoniComi.) Sonico is a multimedia star, who acts as a model and singer. Aside from SoniComi for Windows PCs and the PlayStation 3, she’s also appeared in the Nintendo 3DS game SoniPro, manga, and an anime series.


Super Sonico’s Nitroplus Blasterz attacks tap into two elements of the heroine’s life. First, she loves cats. As such, she’s followed by a group of them and has them aiding in her attacks. She’s also a singer and guitarist for First Astronomical Velocity. As seen in this match between mag-magu-jack and phantomile0110. It looks like Suzu Fujimi, the group’s lead singer and bassist, and Fuuri Watanuki, the group’s drummer, leap in at about the 23 second mark, with Suzu showing up again at 1:24 to join an attack with the cats.


 nitroplus ethika

Another Nitroplus Blasterz fighter is Ethika Kibanohara. She’s one of the main heroines in Tokyo Necro, Nitroplus’ 15th anniversary project. This young woman is one of the Private Special Living Dead Stalkers who helps fight the undead and their necromancer controllers. An adept user of martial arts, she’s also known for using her Rabbit Punch, AA-24 custom shotgun, and AK-50 Kalashnikov assault rifle to take down anyone in her way. Both guns have bayonets attached to them, by the way.


All of this makes her a natural for a fighting game. Ethika is practically a living weapon already. She’s a very hands-on fighter in Nitroplus Blasterz, but also seems to take great delight in using her guns in the game. The bayonets also come in quite handy, as she uses them to fling her opponents around the stage.  


nitroplus blasterz alf sonico

Al Azif, from Demonbane, is a rather unique individual who ends up being rather important to Nitroplus Blasterz’s story. She’s also one of the few characters people might recognize, given JAST localized the PC version of Demonbane and Crunchyroll has the anime series with English subtitles online. Though, Al Azif isn’t really a person. Rather, she’s the Necronomicon, a grimoire fighting the Black Lodge. Al Azif and Kurou use Demonbane, a Deus Machina mech, to fight unholy forces.


Being both a grimoire and gun-wielder, Al Azif makes the most of this in Nitroplus Blasterz. She works very well at a distance with her weapons. She has a number of fire-based, supernaturall attacks. Also, she’s able to summon Cthugha, the Great Old One as part of her attacks. Her strongest special summons Demonbane to the battlefield, while her victory pose has Kurou, her Master, appearing by her side.



Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel will come to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on February 2.

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