Getting into Kotobukiya Mega Man Model Kits
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Getting into Kotobukiya Mega Man Model Kits

For years now, Kotobukiya has been releasing Mega Man model kits based on mainline installments and even entries in the Battle Network series. These tend to focus on Mega Man himself, though occasionally other characters like Roll appear. While they are expensive and can be rare, they’re honestly relatively easy builds for people who are new to model kits and love the series.

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What do I need to build a Mega Man model kit?

The thing about Kotobukiya kits is that most of them don’t require paint or glue. Even if they are elaborate ones, like the Megami Device or Sousai Shojo Teien ones, they tend to snap together easily, come with accessories, and have waterslide decals for extra embellishments.

That said, I recommend getting a model tools kit with nippers, tweezers, and a file. A lot of the sprues will have exceptionally tiny parts, and the nippers will help you get pieces off cleanly. A good pair could even eliminate the need for filing down parts. Also, the tweezers will be essential for waterslide decals. The one I use is a BXQINLENX kit I bought back in 2019 and still use to this day. It’s usually $7.99 to $13.99 on Amazon.

What kinds of Mega Man model kits are easily available and accessible?

Kotobukiya has made a ton of Mega Man model kits, but due to things like their age and availability, they can sell out swiftly. Also, it might feel like there’s an overwhelming number of Mega Man X-series ones. But there is a constant stream of new ones coming up, so don’t be discouraged if the entry or character you want isn’t immediately available. For example, Axl, Bass, and Sigma ones are among many in the works!

A lot of Mega Man X ones are easily available on sites like Amazon now. Note that the armor for these models are often interchangeable. Their effect parts can be swapped. They will also all be articulated and may have extra face parts. Here is an example of some kits you can find:

  • Mega Man X – $129.99
  • Mega Man X Falcon Armor – $69.99
  • Mega Man X: Force Armor – $149.99
  • Mega Man X: Force Armor Rising Fire Version – $99.99
  • Mega Man X Full Armor – $89.99
  • Mega Man X: Max Armor Hyper Chip Version – $65.21
  • Mega Man X: Second Armor – $78.99
  • Mega Man X4: X Force Armor – $111

And here’s how those look:

There are also some general model kits based on other Mega Man games and characters available. So you could consider these options:

  • Mega Man 11 Version – $98.90
  • Mega Man: Battle Network Roll.EXE – $78.80

And here is how those two look:

Basically, there are a lot of options! Get started with a kit with a price you’re comfortable paying or that is of a character you like a lot. From there, take your time and enjoy yourself! There’s no rush, and since the plastic doesn’t require painting, it will look great even if you build it and immediately display it.

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