Ghibli Collection Includes Unreleased Ghiblies Short Animation

Ghibli Collection Ghiblies Short

A new Ghibli Collection boxed movie set is releasing later this year, and will include an unreleased Ghiblies short animation that originally aired in 2000. Released in partnership with Walt Disney Japan, the boxed set will include a total of 10 classic Ghibli titles from various directors including “Whisper of the Heart” and “From Up on Poppy Hill.” The collection will release on December 1, 2021, in Japan. It will cost ¥55,000 (about $481) on Blu-ray and ¥38,500 (about $337) on DVD. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

The boxed collection is the third in the “Ghibli ga Ippai Collection” series. Previous collections highlighted the work of directors like Hayao Miyazaki and the late Isao Takahata. The new collection focuses on the works of the studio’s younger generation of creators, such as Goro Miyazaki, Tomomi Mochizuki, and the late Yoshifumi Kondo. It also includes the studio’s most recent release, Earwig and the Witch. All films will come with both Japanese and English subtitles. Notably, Arrietty will include both the American English and British English dubs.

As a bonus, the collection features the original Ghiblies short animation that aired on Japanese television in April 2000. Ghiblies is a comedic short film that centers around the artists at Studio Ghibli. The short film was directed by Ni No Kuni animation director Yoshiyuki Momose. This is the first time the short animation will get a physical release. Also included is Ghiblies Episode 2, which was previously included as bonus content with GKIDS’ North American release of Ocean Waves.

Below is a list of the movies included in the collection:

  • Ocean Waves
  • Whisper of the Heart
  • The Cat Returns
  • Ghiblies Episode 2 (Bonus: Ghiblies)
  • Tales of Earthsea
  • Arrietty
  • From Up on Poppy Hill
  • When Marnie Was There
  • The Red Turtle
  • Earwig and the Witch

The Ghibli ga Ippai Director’s Collection will release on December 1, 2021, in Japan. The collection will cost ¥55,000 (about $481) on Blu-ray and ¥38,500 (about $337) on DVD.

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