Ghost Blade Is An iOS Game That Gets Stylish Swordplay Right



How does a hardcore “all-swipe action game” sound to you – one that’s fast-paced and quite stylish with it? That’s how Chinese indie game studio Yushi Games describes its new iOS game Ghost Blade.


It was awarded the title of Best Indie Game at TGS 2014 by PlayStation, and you can see why in the game’s trailer, which you can watch above. It has the same violent, balletic combo chaining, aerial slashes, and critical evasion of character action games but has captured it all in touch controls.


Now that the game has been released on the App Store, where you can pick it up for $4.99, you can also find out for yourself why it is so highly considered.


It’s set during the Yellow Turban Rebellion of 184 AD in China but that’s where the factual history stops as, in Ghost Blade, the rebellion leader and sorcerer Zhang Jiao has learned how to resurrect the dead and has formed an army out of undead soldiers.


Those who have been sent to assassinate Zhang Jiao have not returned, and so the two characters you control are sent as part of the secret assassin group “Xuan Yu Wei” to bring him and his army down.


There are various environmental traps to dodge, plenty of enemies to slash through, boss enemies to tackle, and leaderboards to compete on for the best scores against your friends.

Chris Priestman