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Ghost of Tsushima Launch Trailer Shows Jin in Action

ghost of tsushima launch trailer

The Ghost of Tsushima launch trailer has arrived ahead of the game’s debut later this week. As you might expect, it’s a short montage of things Jin Sakai will do and see as he attempts to protect Tsushima from a Mongol invasion. It spends about a minute looking at in-game footage that primarily focuses on the different sorts of actions he’ll undertake.

For example, everything kicks off with Jin riding on his horse through different areas. We also see him playing an instrument and looking to the wind to help determine what he should be doing next. (The direction of the wind can guide you to new missions in-game.)

While those are more subtle moments, there’s also a lot of attention paid to how Jin can fight. We see him take on enemies alone or in a group, both with his sword or ranged equipment like a bow with flaming arrows. We also get to see Jin face foes head-on, one-on-one, or more subtly while using stealth to sneak up on enemies to attack. The video closes with a look at exactly how imposing the oncoming invaders look. 

Here’s the Ghost of Tsushima launch trailer.


Ghost of Tsushima will come to the PlayStation 4 on July 17, 2020. In case you missed it, you can also sample a bit of its soundtrack.

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