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Ghost of Tsushima Legends Will Appear in 1.1 Update Next Week

ghost of tsushima legends

Next week, all sorts of players will have a reason to return to Ghost of Tsushima. Sucker Punch announced Update 1.1 is on the way on October 16, 2020 via the PlayStation Blog. People who want to go into a new experience with others can take part in Ghost of Tsushima Legends on that day. Those who beat the game and want more to do by themselves will be able to start a new game plus file. Also, everyone gets to enjoy a new armor loadouts options to quickly get Jin outfitted.

To start a Ghost of Tsushima Legends session, people can choose the option from the main menu, pause menu, or by talking to Gyozen the Storyteller in-game. You can then step into the shoes of the Assassin, Hunter, Ronin, or Samurai to take on two-player Story Missions, four-player three-part Raids, and up to four player Survival Missions. Parties can have any combination of classes, and the classes each have their own charms, ranged weapons, and abilities. The Samurai seems to be the tang and general melee warrior, the Assassin appears to be the rogue-like class that darts in for quick criticals, a Ronin seems to be a supporter and healer, and the Hunter is the ranged unit.

With the Ghost of Tsushima new game plus option, players will be able to keep many things they already have, collect entirely new equipment and charms, get new upgrades for and earn new trophies, all of it at an optional new difficulty level. Your cosmetics, gear, and techniques remain, and completing tasks that would have given you rewards will give you Ghost Flowers you can trade at Ariake for new cosmetics and charms.

Finally, in Gear you will have a Ghost of Tsushima armor loadouts option. Here, you can quickly shift to a whole new set of equipment without having to manually reassign everything.

Ghost of Tsushima is available for the PlayStation 4.

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