Ghostly Horrors Await On Tesla’s Ship In Close To The Sun

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First-person horror game Close to the Sun casts players as Rose, a journalist seeking her sister in a strange ship designed by Nikola Tesla, but instead finding phantoms, danger, and death lurking there.


Close to the Sun channels Bioshock with much of its art deco, art nouveau, and steampunk visuals, taking players into a ruined vision of an alternate history. They’ll be forced to explore these environments to find clues about where Rose’s sister has gone, as well as what happened to the ship and its inhabitants.

Players can expect to face danger in many ways, either from the broken mechanisms of the damaged ship, or from an invisible stalker that moves throughout the halls. This creature is only hinted at in the trailer, moving toward the player as things hint at its presence, making it unclear if this is one of the creature’s powers, or if there are other foes stalking the ghost-filled halls. 


According to its developers, Close to the Sun is designed around survival, with players doing whatever they can to stay alive as they work towards answers. “There are many ways to die, but only one way to escape.”

Close to the Sun is currently in development, with platforms beyond PC to be determined.

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