A Giant Monster Underneath Akiba Is Waiting To Administer The Kiss Of Death…



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In the next walkthrough video so far for Exstetra’s gameplay, we’re treated to a boss fight against the beast that dwells underneath Akihabara. The strange green… djinni? Thingy? Takes a good while to wear down, during which time we’re treated to how the kissing sections will work within the game.


When Ryoma unleashes the EXS power of another character such as Mizuki, a quick mini-game ensues. How well you do—read: How good a kisser is Ryoma—affects just how much damage gets put out by the skill as well.


Also of note: You might notice skills are still available in red even if their magic gauge runs out. If you choose to use a skill that costs more than you currently have, the game deducts the points straight from your life instead as a sign of overexertion. Good for those last ditch moments such as boss battles perhaps!


Exstetra will be out for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita November 7th.

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