A Girl Must Overcome Her Own Predicted Death In This Yuri Visual Novel



“Len, you are going to abandon this town… and die—today”


This the prediction Len receives soon after meeting a childhood friend, Shinonome. This message will lead her on a journey into new friendships, romance, and discovering a hidden reality, finding the true nature of the world in yuri visual novel Ne no Kami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto.




Ne no Kami takes place in a world where an earthquake rocked Kyoto, leaving behind strange after-effects. Cults began to appear, as did demons, but over time, these bizarre events and sightings dwindled with society’s fading interest in the supernatural. Despite that lessened interest, some people still remembered the demons and remained ready to clash with them.




The gamedraws from fantasy, feudal Japan, science fiction and mythology” to create its storyline and locations. Players will meet various characters as they navigate the storyline and uncover the meaning behind the cryptic message Len received.




Len and Shinonome will meet several other ladies in their journey, coming across Uzume, Shinonome’s older sister (who already has a crush on Len), and Ruka, who has feelings for Shinonome.




Ne no Kami is in the final days of its IndieGoGo campaign. Having smashed its initial goal to translate the game into English and create an additional instalment, it has also reached stretch goals to add further DLC to tell more stories in the world of Ne no Kami. Should it reach further stretch goals, a light novel, manga, and CD may be released, and a PS Vita port may also be possible.

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