Girls’ Frontline Shares Fun Player Stats And Records For The English Version’s 1st Anniversary



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The English version of the mobile strategy game Girls’ Frontline celebrated its first anniversary on May 8, and to commemorate the occasion, Sunborn shared some fun player stats and records.



  • The total number of S.F. units destroyed – 3,263,737,328
  • The T-Doll that has been Oathed the most – FAL
  • The most owned Live2D costume – Starry Cocoon
  • The T-Doll exchanged the most with the True Core Mask – S.A.T.8
  • The highest number of Oaths performed by a single Commander – 222
  • The furniture piece exchanged the most – Light in the Night Sky
  • The costume exchanged the most with Black Cards – Starry Cocoon
  • The most popular re-supply gacha – The Young Girls and the Sea
  • The T-Doll that is max-leveled by the most Commanders – M4A1


Girls’ Frontline is available on iOS and Android. The original Chinese version of the game will celebrate its 3rd anniversary on May 20.

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