Give Girls Presents And Ice Cream In Baby Making RPG Conception II

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Conception II is an RPG in which you talk to girls, make children, and use the children and girls to fight monsters. Spike Chunsoft has released the third and final introduction video for the game featuring voice actresses Lynn and Chihiro Ishiguro, as well as the producer Ryuuichiro Saito. In this video, they go over the dating-sim elements of the game.

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As the Marebito, the messiah destined to save the world, you must bond with seven girls and make Star Children with them. The first girl you see in this video is Feene, an S-rank student who uses a feather duster for the first time.


Occasionally, there are also touch communication events where you use the touch screen. In the video, Lynn and Ishiguro attempt to feed Fuuko ice cream. As some of you would do, Ishiguro reaches for her chest. Next, Feene asks them to eat ten bowls of wanko soba in a row.


You will also be able to give the girls accessories as presents. You can customize which accessories the girls wear, and they will be visible in cutscenes and dungeons. Fuuko will also wear glasses in the pool.



In the second half of the video, Saito goes over the Love Machine, which lets you create Star Children with one of the heroines. Later in the game, you will unlock the W Love Machine, which lets create Star Children with two girls at once.


In the previous game, you could use the PSP’s wireless capabilities to connect with other players and make children with their heroines(!). However, in this game, you can connect with other players and make children with their protagonists(!!).


When you create Star Children, they each have a level cap. When they reach that limit, you can let them leave home to forge their own paths and level up the city. As the city levels up, your children will open new shops, such as a guild where you can assign children to go searching for items, or a gift shop where you can buy accessories for the heroines.


Lastly, you get to see a fight against the first boss monster, Asmodeus. At any time in battle, you can press the triangle button to activate the auto-battle function.


Conception II will be released for the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS on August 22. A demo is available now for the Nintendo 3DS. If you have a PlayStation Vita, you can download the prologue and carry over the save data when the game is officially released.

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