Nintendo 3DS

"Give Me All Your Money Punk!" Says 3DS RPG Hero Bank


I mean, if we didn’t, they’d punch our lights out! With a robot oba-san(aunt)! And we couldn’t even really fight back because we were, uhm… broke. See, Sega’s upcoming money-wins-all action-RPG, Hero Bank, needs you to have twenty dollahs in your pocket to even be able to attack or block. In this latest video, we get an overview of how battle’s going to be like for the Nintendo 3DS brawler featuring Kaito Gosho, a poor sod young kid who’s saddled with a one billion yen debt to pay off.



To be able to ever dream of making enough cash, he enters himself into the Hero Bank, a virtual world where money is king and robots spit out cash when you punch them up in fights to the finish. Literally. Like we said the last time we heard about it, you gotta spend money to make money it seems in this world.


While Hero Bank’s been delayed to 2014 (It was supposed to be out by Christmas) the video does show off that cash-spitting action when players trigger a special attack—paid for with your own earnings. Even blocking will require some cash! If you’re running low on funds mid-match or want to unleash a mega counter punch you’ll just have to be willing to take whatever special ability is about to hit you.


Getting change requires you to run around the ring—kinda like a breather moment for both sides—when the ring will periodically fill with cash thrown in either by spectators…  if they’re loving what they see (so don’t take too long fighting) peppered by the competition masters themselves. As you unleash attacks on foes, you’ll also dash cash out of them that you can then scoop up to fuel further attacks.



It appears from the video that touch-screen controls will be how you move and fight in the cornered ring as well, with the ability to stand on one of them to exhort the crowd. At certain points, you’ll also be able to transform into different heroes, including a salaryman robot and a middle-aged aunty robot. Once the enemy’s hit points are depleted, you can pin them for the winning fall and then take your earnings.


Hero Bank is out to get your bank account March 20th 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS.