Giveaway: Take One of Our 50 Volta-X Keys for Steam

Take one of our 50 Steam keys for strategic robo-battler Volta-X in our giveaway!

In today’s giveaway, we’re handing out 50 Steam keys for giant robot strategy title Volta-X!

Who here likes giant robots? What about kaiju? *counts hands*

Yeah, I thought so. Well, you’re all in luck! The first 50 people who claim a key get to take a FREE Steam copy of giant robot/kaiju battler Volta-X!


This strategy battle game puts you in control of giant robots as they fight one another and the likes of kaiju invaders. Select your crew of animal pilots and take to the mech, where you’ll control everything from the inside. Head up to the cockpit to implement attacks and defenses, then rush down to the lower levels to repair damages, put out fires, and prepare for the next round of action! Each animal class has unique abilities and talents to help you strategize against fellow robots, and interloping kaiju, so choose your crew wisely. Between massive robot battles, build up and stock your secret base to make sure you pals are well-rested, well-stocked, and well-prepared for the next fight.

Any time a game can put a unique spin on a classic formula, I’m hooked.

Take A Key

As mentioned above, we have 50 Steam keys available to give away! Simply redeem from the widget below, and it’s yours to keep. Be quick — once our allotment of 50 is gone, you’re outta luck!

Volta-X is available now for Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Siliconera Giveaway: Take one of our 50 Volta-X keys for Steam

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