Gloom Brings Permadeath To Its Sidescrolling Vision Of The Souls Formula



Gloom, a challenging sidescroller inspired by Lovecraft and the Souls series, adds permanent death to the formula to create even more tension for its players.




As a nameless dreamer caught up in the Common Dream, players will seek out pages of the Necronomcon buried deep within hostile worlds and surreal places. Those pages are guarded by vicious, crafty fanatics, so players will need to tackle these foes with care, watching for holes in their attacks and rolling to stay out of harms way.


Each journey through the Common Dream will be different due to Gloom’s procedural generation. Players will have to make do with what weapons they find and deal with the randomized combat situations they find themselves in. Should they fail, the game will be over, and players will have to start the game all over again, creating a tense situation in every monster encounter.




Gloom is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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