Gloom Trailer Shows Smooth Hacking & Slashing In A Bleak World

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A new trailer for Gloom, a sidescrolling hack n’ slasher inspired by Lovecraft and the Souls series, shows off some of the smooth combat system, as well as the variety of monsters players will be using it on.




Various styles of weapon can be seen in the trailer, from quick slashing swords to heavier melee weapons like axes and broadswords that will be swung in a slow, overhead chopping motion. Players can also see that firearms and flamethrowers can be used on their enemies, hinting at the combat abilities that are still to come.


The trailer also showed off some of the game’s odd enemies, demonstrating combat against huge ram-like creatures, humanoid lizards, and living, hostile bushes. These are all shown in the game’s characteristic bleak art style, with the protagonist fighting with shadowy creatures against gray backdrops of ruins, foggy woods, and fiery wastelands.




Gloom’s foreboding art style and fast-paced combat are seeking Greenlight votes, with the full version set to release in Spring 2017.

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