Glorkian Warrior Is A Shooter That Looks Like A Saturday Morning Cartoon


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Pixeljam’s candy shop-colored, charming cartoon Galaga-style shooter Glorkian Warrior is now available to purchase on Windows and Mac.


Playing Glorkian Warrior is like playing a Saturday morning cartoon thanks to the work of illustrator James Kochalka. You play the titular burbling alien fella as he tries to defend an asteroid from invaders using his trusty Super Backpack.


As the Glorkian Warrior’s weapon is a backpack he needs to run around on the asteroid’s surface, jumping over some ground-based aliens, while lining up shots on those attacking from above.


As you collect the Energy Crackers from the defeated aliens, you unlock news power-ups such as tennis ball ammo, the Flarf Gun, and triple laser shots. There are also alien twin girls that will give you missions to complete to keep you busy.


You can purchase the PC version of Glorkian Warrior for $3.99 on its website and Desura. The Steam version needs to pass through Greenlight so throw it a vote if you fancy it. The original iOS version of the game will cost you $2.99 on the App Store.

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