GNOG Is A Peculiar Game About Exploring Giant Monster Heads



GNOG is a game in which you explore giant heads. They’re not gross, brain-filled heads, like yours and mine, luckily. They’re vivid, mechanical, some of them even let people live inside – there’s a sofa, a potted plant, a bed, the lot! Others have entire worlds to discover, as if the imagination of these heads has taken a form that could be travelled through.


The idea of GNOG is to manipulate these heads in order to change their layouts. Earlier versions of the game had you moving a character around inside the head, so you had to form stairs and machines for them to climb and operate. That seems to still be a part of the puzzle, but it seems it may also take its puzzles in new, larger directions – creating music with a synthesizer and going on an adventure seem to be possible branches.


The teaser trailer above gives an insight into the types of heads you’ll be able to play around with in GNOG when it comes out on Windows, Mac, and Linux later this year. Check out its website for more information.

Chris Priestman