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Gnosia PC Port Delayed to Early 2022

Gnosia PC Delayed

Playism announced the PC port of Gnosia ended up delayed from its scheduled 2021 release to early 2022. This is due to the developers wanting to fine tune the experience. However, an exact release date has not been disclosed. Additionally, Playism has released a statement, detailing why the title has been delayed for PC. This is largely due to the developers wanting a feeling of consistency between the Nintendo Switch and PC release. The developers stated that they want PC players to have a similar experience, and that the delay will allow for them to do that.

In May 2021, Playism announced Gnosia would release for PC sometime in 2021. The port would offer English, Japanese, and Chinese language options. However, it will not feature any additional features that will potentially set it apart from the Nintendo Switch release. Additionally, to coincide with the initial announcement, a trailer was released.

Gnosia released for Nintendo Switch in March 2021. The game is a science fiction murder mystery thriller, which has the player tasked with uncovering the identity of an alien that has stowed away on their ship. The game features a time loop mechanic.

Gnosia is available for the Nintendo Switch, the PC version which will release through Steam has been delayed to early 2022.

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