Go For A Vacation On Nusakana Island, But It’s Not As Innocent As It Looks



Two-person Indonesian team Studio Namaapa is bringing its open-world island vacation RPG Nuskana to Steam on November 20th. You can watch the trailer here.


Nusakana starts off with you getting an mysterious invitation to a tropical island that’s said to be rich in mana (although magic is forbidden) for a year-long vacation. Upon arrival, you can explore the island and participate in activities including fishing, trading, and dating the locals.


But, after a while, you’ll start to discover the secrets of the island, and with it comes its many dangers. You’ll find wild beasts to slay in turn-based battles in which you can mix up to 19 recruitable party members.


Interestingly, the people and beasts will react differently to you according to the time and weather. So it’s worth going back to areas under different conditions.


Another part of the game is gathering natural resources and craft items in order to create new tools that will help you survive in your adventure. You’ll need to make sure your character gets enough sleep and eats when they’re hungry, after all.

Chris Priestman
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