Unleash God Mode In God And Fate Revolution Paradox (It’s Not A Cheat Code)

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Among the many upgrades that can be done to your weapons and characters in The God and Fate Revolution Paradox, players may still feel cornered at times. That’s until ‘God Mode’ kicks in!


After suddenly becoming God himself one day, Renya is still a god in training. That means he can’t just obliterate his enemies by simply flicking them, at least not yet. However, it doesn’t stop him from awakening his God Mode status during times of need!


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When Renya’s God Mode activates, his status completely recovers and he unleashes his hidden powers, along with a destructive special attack. His appearances goes through a big change, along with his attacks.


Renya can only have God mode activated once a bar has been filled, which goes up over time during the combat. God Mode is a great way to turn the tides around during dangerous times and should only be used when the time is right.


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During God Mode, a special attack that can wipe out all the enemies becomes available.



Item synthesizing is also possible through the Blacksmith in Heaven. There are two items required for synthesizing weapons. One, which is the base weapon you’d like to upgrade, and the other must be filled with “Burst Points”. Burst Points are acquired simply by using the weapon, which unleashes its hidden powers over time.



Afterwards, the unleashed power can then be used as a status up, by selecting paths in an intricate status diagram. A weapon can only have its Burst Points filled once, then it must be used as a synthesis ingredient to further power up another weapon, which will be back to 0% Burst.


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Synthesizing not only increases an equipment’s status, but it can also change its appearance.


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This special ability was made available after enhancing a weapon with a fire element. There are many combinations and possibilities within the synthesis system. Players will have to try out different things and learn combination patterns to get something they’d like.



… Or just mix things around to become a crab-clawed, mushroom God.


Nippon Ichi’s The God and Fate Revolution Paradox is going to hit stores on January 24, 2013.

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