Go Head-To-Head With A Friend In This Worms-Style Game Set In The Mayan Era



Belgian developer Sileni Studios has released a public demo for its local multiplayer, explosive 2D artillery battle game Mayan Death Robots on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


It’s a game that plays much like the Worms series does, with two sides going at each across a fully destructible battle grounds, nuking, zapping, imploding, and incinerating each other’s robot lord, the defenses they laid down, and the tribe that worships them.


As the title gives away, it’s set during the peak of the Mayan civilization some 600 years ago, which as we know hosted an alien invasion that introduced robots to the Earth. Okay, that last bit might be part of the fiction of the game.


steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_336183391_preview (1)

Mayan Death Robots isn’t all versus competition, though. As you pretend to be the incarnation of Mayan gods (while actually being an alien robot) you annoy the real Mayan gods who come to attack you. You’ll need to work with your friend to bring them down before going at each other’s throats once again.


You can grab the PC demo of Mayan Death Robots right here. Sileni Studios is also looking for your votes over on Steam Greenlight.

Chris Priestman